denapuya Company was established in 2005 to import and distribute dental equipment and used the latest technology in the world to make sweeping and creative developments in dentistry science and art.
The raw material used in the manufacture of all products is made of Stainless Steel. These products include various types of forceps, eyeglasses, repair pens, crimping tools, surgical procedures, examinations, molding plates, implant tools and pens, stem cells, typesetters, burners and hemostats, types of cutters and pliers, and orthodontic instruments, pens and pens. Labware and tools and stainless steel utensils.
The products of this company comply with the standards of ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 13485: 2002, ISO 13485: 2012, CE-MARK, cGMP FDA according to European day standards. All products of this company have a 5-year replacement warranty in the event of a change in color
Dana Poya is proud to receive all necessary permits from Iran’s Ministry of Health and Medical Education. D & P products represent unique quality and creativity in the production of dental equipment. At present, the products of this company are supplied to many organs, institutions, universities all over the country and European countries. Dana Poya has always had a strong presence in most domestic and international dentistry and congresses. These exhibitions include:
International Dental Equipment Exhibition of Iran in succession.
German IDS exhibition in 2013, 2015 and 2017.
Belgium Dentex exhibition in 2016.
Fifty-sixth International Congress of the Iranian Dental Association (Oxidae 56).
Fifty-seventh International Congress of Iranian Dental Association (Oxide 57).
We look forward to providing you with the best quality and service in producing and delivering products in the coming years, with the satisfaction of your esteemed dentists.